iNDustry 4.0 Assessments & Transformation Plan

Understanding how emerging technologies and business models are redefining your business, and, more specifically, knowing where your business stands today compared to its potential is fundamental to developing a strategy for advancement.  To address this critical assessment process, iNDustry Labs has developed a diagnostic assessment as a tool to shape your competitive strategy and innovation priorities.

Advanced Engineering & Analytics Services

To surface new technologies and increase the commercial potential of new products and services, the iNDustry Advancement team can pair novel concepts within regional businesses to federal research priorities, recruit research faculty partners, and provide direct support for SBIR-STTIR proposals.

Research Facilities at Notre Dame provide an opportunity to test and validate technologies, materials and digital software in collaboration with research experts.

Applied Learning & Training Programs

The Applied Learning Programs provides a mechanism through which the region’s 40,000 college and university students can apply their classroom lessons through immersion experiences with business, helping to build a pipeline of highly skilled workers with connections to regional industries while addressing existing project needs within those industries.

Innovation Facilities

Critical to the LIFT Network’s overall focus on economic transformation, the Innovation Facilities will reduce redundancy of effort by forging an ecosystem in which members work proactively together through shared physical and intellectual resources. This shared facility approach will give students and companies a single point of access to state-of-the-art tools for research, development, and design, eliminating the current need for companies to seek R&D services from outside of the state and mitigating the costs of having to purchase, use, and maintain the equipment themselves. The Innovation Facilities will also offer opportunities for education and skill development, helping to develop a pipeline of employees who can use these tools and resources and leading to career growth for individuals throughout the SBE Region.

Workforce Development & Apprenticeships

Talent serves as the core element of any company in order to operate its core functions and manage current or forthcoming technological advancements. Through a collaborative of regional education & workforce development partners, the South Bend – Elkhart Regional Partnership facilitates the design and development of evidenced-based workforce development pathways ranging from federal and/or state registered adult apprenticeships, advanced internships, and short-term non degree “bootcamps” programs that lead to industry recognized credentials. Coming Soon – LIFT Network workforce partnership details.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Startup South Bend Elkhart supports a vibrant regional startup ecosystem, including entrepreneurial education and programming.

The University of Notre Dame’s Innovation, De-Risking and Enterprise Acceleration (IDEA) Center offers unique commercialization, business formation, and prototyping services to bring innovations to market. When latent intellectual property, new technologies, and/or new product concepts have been identified, iNDustry Labs will provide resources to run these opportunities through the initial stages of the IDEA Center’s Commercialization Engine.