“ The LIFT Network will be a catalyst for economic development in the region, enabling local employers to be more competitive, adaptive and resilient in an increasingly fast-paced global economy. As a LIFT Network member, we welcome iNDustry Labs professionals working with our team to identify areas for innovation and to increase investments in research and development so that new technologies become future opportunities for growth. ”

- Gary Neidig, President, ITAMCO

“ As an early collaborator and pioneer innovation facility within the LIFT Network, the City of South Bend Technology Resource Center (TRC) provides a front door to shared opportunity amongst regional employers, learners, and partner organizations for technology training and collaboration efforts. Partnership with the LIFT Network only amplifies the impact and reach that the TRC is able to have through intentional partnerships and a sharing of resources and knowledge. ”

- Denise Riedl, Chief Innovation Officer, City of South Bend

“ The LIFT Network will provide an accessible platform for the exchange of expertise, enhancement of skills, and develop solutions to address challenges and pursue strategic growth opportunities across regional sectors. We support engaging with experts who can identify potential solutions for greater efficiency and innovation. ”

- Ken Julian, SVP, Thor Industries, Inc.